Company Policy

One of the priority objectives of Nucera Trasporti is the satisfaction of the Customer and all the interested parties through the reduction of complaints related to the quality of the service offered. 

The company also pays special attention to sensitize the staff to the implementation of environmentally sound behaviors, through appropriate communication and training programs, and to safety, by implementing appropriate training programs to provide practical guidance for the transport, loading and unloading of goods. 

All staff are involved in an organic way to the compliance with the company's quality standards, environment and safety: it is responsible, in fact, for the protection of their health and of all the workers involved in the implementation of the service and made aware of operating all internal part of a System whose purpose is the implementation of company policy, which is expressed through: 

-pollution prevention, minimizing, whenever technically possible and economically sustainable, any negative environmental impact of its activities, 

-compliance with legislation and regulations applicable to company activities, national, regional and local, with particular reference to the legislation concerning safety, health in the workplace and the environment, 

-the pursuit of continuous improvement of its performance, evaluating the objectives achieved with data objective and measurable, in order to satisfy the client and at the same time promote the sense of corporate belonging