The NUCERA Trasports & Logistics certified  society with the system quality according t the normative ISO 9001 and ISO 39001, that are specialized away in trasport earth and street sea, in particular way in exceptional trasports, of wich the most important, are summarized in the following list:

AnsaldoBreda_logopng-n.300 transports of carriages FS mod.Z1, from the variou estalishments BREDA of Reggio Calabria, Matera, Pistoia;
-n.60 transports of carriages FS mod. ETR 500, from Pistoia in the variuous establishments BREDA;
-n.30 transports of locomotor FS mod. ETR 500, from Pistoia in variuous establishments BREDA;
-n. 480 transports of carriages TML for Eurotunnel from Reggio Calabria;
-n.40 transports of Metropolitan carriages, from Breda of Pistoia to Acotral in Rome;
-n.25 transports of Metropoitan carriages, from Reggio Calabria Omeca to Oberwallis (Switzerland);
-n.35 transports bus, from Pistoia to Cremona;
-n.40 transports of Metropolitan carriages from Pistoia in Birmingham (England);
-Weekly transports of headings, broadsides, roofs, carts form cars FS (mod. Z1, TAF, ETR), from and for the establishments Breda;
-n.32 trasports Streetcar from Savigliano (Cn) to Rome and from Colleferro in Rome;
-n.35 tranports boxes Meter BS, MML5, Ryiadh from Reggio Calabria Cal. To Naples;
-n.38 transports boxes from Caserta to Reggio Calabria;
-n.28 transports headings from Savigliano to Nice;
-n.45 transports Meter from Saragozza (Spain) in Rome;
-n.40 transports of means of work in Israel;
-n.680 transports of carriages meter Madrid from Ansaldobreda Pistoia in Madrid;

-n.140 transports Metropolitan Cars Valencia (Spain). Rome;
-n.32 transports Metropolitan Cars from Valencienne (France) to Instambul (Turkey);
-n.24 transports Railway Cars from Barcellona (Spain) to Israel;

n.20 transports helicopters Robinson from the society helicopter Heligroup;
-n.48 transports yatch and mehayatch of various shipyards;
-n.16 transports transformers of the firm Getra of Marcianise (Us);
-n.65 transports of cisterns and silos of various societies;
-varied transports of beams bridge prefabricated, elements prefabricated civilians and insustrialist, heavy carpentries, industrial fittings.