Nucera Logistic Service Srl, inherited its experience in the field of road, air and sea tranports from the company “Autotrasporti Lorenzo Nucera”, which had been operating in such field since 1968.



Nucera Logistic Service Srl performs freight transport with road, sea and air means both in Italy and abroad. The company has storage and custody warehouse and has always been an excellent partner, providing solutions to the several challenges that are typical of the transport activities; for this reason it has always been future oriented, dedicating time and resources to developing new solutions. It is now a solid tran sport company, appreciated for its:

-   adequacy and originality;

-   specialized services;

-   reliability;

-   constant attention to market trends and service evolution.

Seriousness, efficiency and flexibility of the company is based upon continuous personnel training andvehicles update, with the aim of keeping promises and anticipating needs. Our employees are always ready to make the best possible use of their skills and their 50-years experience, to effectively meet the customers goals and ensure high quality standards. Quality and inexpensive of the services are the main goals in the company activity process. All kinds of transports can be combined to reach even the furthest destinations in the shortest time.

 Our brand’s success is a reward for all the work done during these years, transporting many different kinds freight: ordinary goods (in pallets, cardboard boxes, loose goods, poles, industrial goods and machinery), unusual goods (trams and underground trains, train carriages and locomotives, rigid and articulated buses, boats and yatchs, tanks, beams, metal struts and frames), dangerous goods (gas or oxigen tanks, various extracts or chimica solutions), industrial relocations; all this while keeping high operative standards and foreseeing our clients needs.